Digital InFact, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has released the new survey report as to the major ad platform including Amazon, Facebook, Google, LINE, Twitter, and Yahoo!JAPAN.

158 experts from the digital advertising industry have responded to 20 questions, to evaluate the advertising services provided by the respective platform. This survey is held in every quarter and this is the 4th time that the result is shared.





【Platform with unique advertising service(%)】



When asked about the platform that provides unique service, Google has the highest vote, followed by Facebook (Instagram) and Amazon.

Among the advertisers, the order goes as Google, LINE and Facebook.



Excellent Customer Support for Advertiser



【Excellent Customer Support for Advertiser(%)】

Customer Support


When asked about the platform that provides good support to advertisers, Google has the highest vote, followed by Yahoo!Japan and Facebook.

Among the advertisers, those who selected Google outnumbers the others.



High Trustability



【Platform with High Trust as Advertising Placement(%)】


When asked about the platform with high trustability, Yahoo!Japan has the highest vote, followed by Facebook and Google.

Among the advertisers, Google is chosen the best, followed by Yahoo!Japan and Facebook.




Top 3 platforms and the score trend (based on 14 items)



【Score trend of top 3 ad platforms (based on 14 items)】



The above is the data that shows the total score trend (*2) from 14 respective items (*1), since Oct – Dec of 2018.


※1:The item evaluated for the scoring is as below – leadership in the industry, future potentiality, technology, service uniqueness, attractiveness of ad products and format, reachability, trustability, ease of operations, versatility (business scale of the advertisers), familiarity with the brands, attractiveness as the corporate partner, support for advertisers, support for agencies, support for media.   


※2: The score is calculated by referring to the ranking in each question as 1st= 7pt, 2nd=6pt, 7th=1pt, and employ the total score accumulated from 14 different items (in case that two brands have the same ranking, the brand will win the score with 1 point deduction. e.g If 2 brands win 1st score, both are given 6 points, not 7 points).


In case there are any need that you would either use or quote this data, please put the name of Digital InFact as an information source.


The survey result was published as “Ad platform brand evaluation report Q3, 2019” on Sept 25,2019.



【Survey overview】


◆Survey method

Web survey

The survey was conducted using Digital InVoice, the dedicated survey service for the digital advertisement industry


◆Survey samples

158 samples from digital advertisement industry experts (advertiser, advertisement agency, adtech vendor, media)

 【The respondent breakdown】

■By Industry breakdown:advertiser 29.6%, advertising agency 46.2%, adtech vendor 9.5%, media 14.6%

■By Title:C-class 2.5%, director class 5.7%, manager class 31.0%, leader class 32.9%, staff 27.8%

■By company headcount:Less than 10 3.2%, 10-50 5.1%, 50-100 3.8%, 100-500 22.8%, 500-1000 15.8%, More than 1000 49.4%


◆Survey duration

July – September, 2019


◆Survey owner

Digital InFact, Inc.


◆About Digital InFact, Inc


Digital InFact, Inc was founded in 2016, as the survey institute for the digital advertisement industry. Digital InFact Inc is the group company of Seed Planning, Inc., the research company founded in 1983. Digital InFact, Inc. also is the owner of ExchangeWireJapan, the leading Web media for the adtech industry.



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